How to Back up and Restore Your iPhone Apps Using 3uTools?


Part 1: Customized Back up click “Backup/Restore” on iDevice page choose “Customized Backup” You are able to back up Photos, Music, Ringtones, Contacts, Notes on this page, of course, you could also back up your Apps individually. If necessary you could select apps you want and all of them will be backed up in a folder click “Backup now” and wait till the process is done. you can copy it into usb to stored Part 2: Customized Restore Now if you want to restore all apps which you have backed up, you could check “Customized Restore” Select apps you want to restore at this page, then 3uTools will help you to download and install all apps on your iDevice. By the way, you can view all apps in the Downloads Center of 3uTools. Thanks for watching .