Various Types of Acne and How to Manage Them


A pimple is a pimple, right? Not always. Acne really takes numerous types, and how you treat it can be various depending upon what kind you have. Here is some details on the standard kinds of acne and how to treat them.

Whiteheads or Comedos

These are maybe the least visible of the acne types. They are little, white bumps under the skin without inflammation or discomfort. They are closed, indicating the product obstructing the pore is caught below the skin’s surface area. It’s appealing to squeeze or choose at these, however professionals caution that this can present unneeded inflammation and open the skin to infection. Here are some ideas for dealing with whiteheads.

* Leave them alone. Do not select at or squeeze them.
* Wash your skin two times a day with a cleanser consisting of benzoyl peroxide.
* Moisturize your skin (even if it’s oily) with a hypo-allergenic moisturizer. Think about one including jojoba oil – it’s stated to assist control the body’s natural oil production.


Blackheads are somewhat open, enabling a few of the obstruction to be excreted from the pore. It’s this open nature that represents the black color – this takes place when your skin cells oxidize in the existence of air. Dealing with blackheads includes the like above, other than it’s a great concept to get rid of the blockage with the following ideas:

* Gentle exfoliation might assist get rid of blackheads.
* Masks or exfoliants which contain salicylic acid tend to be specifically efficient.


Papules do not have a “head,” however they are red and inflamed. Do not squeeze a papule, state professionals; that can trigger swelling, inflammation, and scarring. Efforts to squeeze might require the infection deeper into the skin. Deal with papules the method you would whiteheads, however be extremely mild and do not rub or scrub or exfoliate the skin.


When you think about a pimple, this is generally what enters your mind – a red bump with a white head that is simply asking to be squeezed. If you need to squeeze a pustule, doctor recommend carefully poking the white head with a disinfected needle and draining pipes the pus with tissue-covered fingers.

Besides (or rather of) squeezing pustules, you can likewise follow the ideas for dealing with whiteheads above.

Cysts and Nodules

This kind of acne need to never ever be squeezed either, state health specialists. Cysts hurt, red and inflamed. In addition to mild cleaning and skin care, some other ideas for dealing with cysts might consist of:

* Applying cortisone cream to lower swelling
* Seeing your skin specialist for a cortisone shot or other steroid treatment

When It’s Not Acne

Some skin problem can simulate acne, such as:

– Rosacea (different types)
– Skin allergic reactions
– Eczema

There are likewise more serious, uncommon kinds of acne that do not always react to standard acne treatment. If you doubt regarding whether you have “normal” acne or something various, your skin doctor needs to have the ability to identify the condition and recommend proper treatment.


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