The most ridiculous (and dangerous) tech wellness trends of 2019


The most ridiculous (and dangerous) tech wellness trends of 2019

Have you considered tracking your poop? Do you already record your steps, your heart rate, your macros? Maybe you’ve thought about microdosing, or intermittent fasting, or ditching the birth control your doctor prescribed in favor of an “all natural” app. If so, you’re not alone: aided in part by Silicon Valley’s crunchy, holistic vision of wealth, tech-adjacent wellness trends have swept through the decade like a Kardashian-endorsed tummy tea rips through a colon.

It’s not all Jack Dorsey’s fault. The proliferation of sketchy products and information in the health and wellness industry (see: the morass of dangerous “all natural cancer cures” that flourished on Facebook) represents just one facet of society’s crumbling faith in facts and institutions — whether political, legal, and economic, or scientific and medical. As healthcare access continues to be a challenge for people in need and social media fuels the need to present a curated version of our lives, countless supplement, diet, and exercise companies have stepped directly into our Instagram feeds Read more…

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