Use DRTV Advertising To Cut Down On TV Advertising Costs In The UK


Direct response TV advertising works a little differently and could not care less at which point in time their commercial is aired. In fact, most opt to purchase time slots where viewership is low to save and cut on TV advertising costs in the UK. DRTV commercials are distinguishable right off the bat. It is when its advertising scripts contain a toll free number to call or a website to visit. A highly popular format of DRTV is infomercials. Those that you watch when you are ultimately bored yet are persuaded to consider purchasing at least one of these products.

A direct response television commercial may be as long or as short as you would like it to be. Just bear in mind that DRTV commercials are usually packed with information. Make sure that you will be able to convey every bit of information you would like the customer to know in the length of the commercial you choose.

A DRTV commercial format initially starts with the problem that the product can resolve. Perfect examples could be weight loss issues, acne, scars and various skin problems or wanting to grow taller. This is often what you see in these commercials but not severely limited to these industry. Charities and fund raising events have used DRTV commercials too.

Next comes how and why your product can solve these problems, sometimes accompanied by a demonstration of exactly how good your product is. This involves explaining what kind of elements you have in your products that out do its counterparts. You are also supposed to give the timeline when your product takes full effect. A perfect example would be a weight loss program that can cut five pounds in two weeks. Of course, this rule does not apply to products that take effect immediately although you may still convey this if you want to.

Finally, it informs you how much the product is and the number to call if you would be interested to order in addition to the freebies you get with ordering. This is the format usually used for a pitching a sales product.

The format of a direct response television commercial for charities or fund raising events is similar yet slightly different. It again starts with conveying what the objective or the problem is. Then the next phase involves suggesting how to best solve the problem such as cash donations, sending over relief goods or volunteering to help out. Then the last step is a call to action to donate or volunteer by calling a toll free number or visiting a website for more information.

The mediums used to get the response is usually through a telephone number, a website, though interactive television and through text messaging.

A few tips on producing a great DRTV commercial can make a big difference and can leverage your product amongst its competitors. For one, be objective in such a way you only promise what you can and set the right expectations. Do not promise what you cannot deliver to make sales. Be creative in your productions but try to be realistic in demonstrating your product. Some make the mistake of making their commercials overly perfect and this is just wrong, simply think of how you can sell a weight loss product if you use an attractive model.

Television commercials may be an extremely popular venue for marketing by try to explore other venues too. Try to ask for a package that can be both on TV and online. Also, try to use advertising scripts that are effective across multiple mediums of marketing so as not to have the unnecessary expense of paying a writer again to tailor it for print or web advertising.

Direct response TV advertising can be an effective way to save on TV advertising costs in the UK if the tips mentioned above are remembered. There is no need to purchase prime time commercial slots since you will not need it. You want a response instead of the large viewership. Having millions or billions of viewers is useless to you if none of them respond to your commercial anyway. This is exactly the reason why some advertisers prefer this medium of advertising over brand commercials that do not guarantee you a response to your product.


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